Covid-19 Update

Under the guidance of my healthcare provider and information from public health officials, I have made the decision to continue to remain temporarily closed.  With the recent rise in COVD-19 infections in Ada County, I do not currently have a reopening date at this time.  

The World Health Organization now recommends that all people employed in a healthcare type setting (massage included) should wear an N95 or medical grade masks, along with people who are high risk when they are unable to self isolate.  There is a huge shortage of PPE for our front-line healthcare workers and I can not in good conscious take precious equipment away from them at this time.  I am also immunocompromised and have been advised to continue self isolating.  

I would love more than anything to be able to get back into the studio to see all of my amazing clients, and I am very thankful for your continued support through these uncertain times.

 If you have any questions you can reach me by email at or send a text to 208-274-0777

-Kassondra M, Owner

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